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Firebird Formula
USA icon PontiacSmallMain 1977 - 1978
EngineInfoboxIcon 6.6L V8
BHPInfoboxIcon 345 bhp @ 4800 rpm
TorqueInfoboxIcon 320 lb·ft @ 2200 rpm
DrivetrainInfoboxIcon RWD
AccelerationInfoboxIcon 5.9 seconds
MassInfoboxIcon 1653 kg (3644 lbs)
TopSpeedInfoboxIcon 139 mph (224 km/h)
TransmissionInfoboxIcon 4-speed (Manual)
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The Pontiac Firebird Formula is a pony car produced by Pontiac between 1970 and 1981. During 1977 and 1978, the Firebird was built with rectangular headlights. At that time, the 6.6L V8 was the most powerful engine option for the car. In 1979, a new nose design was implemented.

Need for Speed: WorldEdit

The Firebird Formula was made available on December 1st, 2011 to Need for Speed: World players as a Tier 1 vehicle. Since August 22nd, 2012, it has been featured as a B Class vehicle. An in-game cash variant was introduced on September 18th, 2012, which was retired on March 19th, 2013. The SpeedBoost variant was retired one day later.

The SpeedBoost variant is upgraded with Amerikon Speedsystems Street Tuned parts and costed SpeedBoost22,600. It has a 516 overall rating. The in-game cash variant has a C Class rating and 419 overall rating. It costed Dollar icon700,000. The in-game cash variant is upgradeable to B Class.

The Firebird is not strongly influenced by heavy steering but does feel stiff in slow corners. Its acceleration is among the best in C Class and better than that of both Plymouths in the game, although its nitrous power appears to be lacking compared to the Chevrolet Chevelle SS'. Standard top speed is 135 mph (218 km/h) while the B Class variant hits a top speed of 166 mph (267 km/h).

Need for Speed: The RunEdit

The Firebird Formula appears in Need for Speed: The Run as a Tier 1 vehicle. It is unlocked upon beating one Autolog recommendation.

Due to its 0 to 60 mph time, the Firebird is the fastest accelerating Tier 1 car. With a "Very Difficult" handling rating, its steering is reminiscent of other muscle cars in the game. Its top speed is easily outmatched by newer Tier 1 cars from the 1980s and 2000s.

Special TrimsEdit

The NFS Edition of the Firebird Formula is featured as a Tier 4 car and is unlocked after beating 15 Multiplayer Group Objectives. It is customised with a body kit and painted in black. On the side skirts, a orange stripe can be seen.

Its engine output was increased to 708 bhp @ 6,200 rpm. Top speed is 189 mph (304 km/h). The acceleration of the NFS Edition is similar to that of the Dodge Challenger R/T "NFS Edition". Because of its soft suspension, the NFS Edition is prone to oversteer, hence the "Very Difficult" handling rating.

The Firebird Formula also appears as a Tier 5 car. This version is known as the Hobo Signature Edition. The paint job of the Hobo is inspired by beater cars. It will be rewarded to the player once they achieved a bronze medal in every Industrial Run challenge.

The Hobo Firebird's engine is upgraded to 835 bhp at 6,000 rpm. Its acceleration time of 4.1 seconds is an average figure for Tier 5. The steering of the car, which is rated "Expert", is controllable and reliable in most circumstances. Top speed is 215 mph (346 km/h).


  • The Firebird Formula in Need for Speed: World utilises a five-speed gearbox and misses its stock side vinyls.


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