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The Porsche 356 B 1600 Super 90 is the top of the line model of the 356 B model range with the "Super" engines from Porsche. The power output was increased due to compression ratio and use of twin-choke Solex carburetors. Front bumpers and headlamps were heightened and new vents under the front bumper fed air to the brakes to show the visual improvements over the original models.

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

The 356 B 1600 Super 90 is an improvement of the 356 B model that appears in Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed as a Class 2 vehicle in the Classic Era category. Hardtop, cabriolet and roadster variants are also featured. With the improved power, it has a very good top speed that makes it capable of keeping up with any of the Classic Era Porsche models.


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