The Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.8 is a race car built by Porsche in 1973 for the historic Group 4 racing class.

The 2.7 flat-six engine found in the street-legal Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 was bored to 2.8 litres and received a higher compression ratio, resulting in a 101 bhp increase. Handling was improved by fitting wider rear tyres and wheel arches, as well as by using brake discs from the Porsche 917.

The RSR 2.8 was replaced by the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 in 1974.

Need for Speed (2015)

The 911 Carrera RSR 2.8 was first revealed in a teaser screenshot for Need for Speed (2015). It appears in the final release with a price tag of NFS2015CreditsIcon96,700.

The Carrera RSR 2.8 is also featured in two special variations; Nakai-san's "Stella Artois" and Magnus Walker's "277" Porsche.

Players will unlock Nakai-san's car after completing the Build mission event A Legend's Wheels and unlock Walker's car after completing the Speed mission event Red Lines. Both can be obtained by the player at no cost.

Stock 0-60 mph: 04.76 s 1/4 mile: 12.90 s @ 121 mph (195 km/h) Top Speed: 178 mph (286 km/h) Power: 280 hp
Fully Upgraded 0-60 mph: 01.99 s 1/4 mile: 08.53 s @ 174 mph (280 km/h) Top Speed: 233 mph (375 km/h) Power: 764 hp


  • The Carrera RSR 2.8 was mistakenly referred to as a 1974 model in several gameplay demonstration videos of Need for Speed (2015), where it is also shown with an incorrect RS 2.7 badge at the rear.


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