The Porsche 911 GT3 (991) is a track oriented variant of the Porsche 991 generation 911 lineup.

Its engine is based on that of the 991 Carrera S, but with little shared parts. Other features of the car, such as its crankshaft, were developed specifically for the car.

The 991 GT3 is the first Porsche to use rear-axle steering technology and is only available with Porsche's PDK transmission unlike its predecessors.

Need for Speed: Rivals

The 911 GT3 appears as a racer faction vehicle in Need for Speed: Rivals. It is unlocked for the racer faction at the price of 67,500 NFSRSPIcon upon the player completing one of the three SpeedLists offered at rank 7.

Being a supercar, the 991 GT3 has decent acceleration and top speed, however, the RR layout makes it very tail heavy. This, combined with the 991's light weight, makes it very prone to oversteer, especially when performing handbrake turns.


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