Porsche Patrol is an SCPD Hot Pursuit event featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010), and is an SCPD career event.

The event can be accessed from the Memorial Highway SCPD node on the career map, and is a Rapid Deployment unit event that starts along Cascade Terrace.

The event starts west along Cascade Terrace, turns north east along Bear Hollow, and finishes close to the south cross junction along Memorial Highway.


"Get tough in the Porsche Panamera Interceptor or use the 911 GT3 RS's speed to shut down the Racers heading West on Cascade Terrace."


The player is given four Roadblocks and six EMPs to shut down a total of six Super Series racers.



The player's choice of police vehicle for this event is limited to Rapid Deployment unit Porsches.

Racer Suspects

There are six racer suspects participating in the event.