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Rachel Teller is a friend of the player and Samantha. She helps the player earn reputation in the city of Bayview.

Rachel gives the player a tutorial at the beginning of Need for Speed: Underground 2 which includes how to use the SMS system, minimap and how to access events. She lets the player drive her Nissan 350Z to meet her at a car dealership.

The player can enter two race events, enter outruns and a hidden race in Rachel's car to earn money. Rachel becomes increasingly angrier at the player as they enter events but she ultimately forgives them upon reaching the car dealership.

Rachel helps the player frequently throughout the game by giving them tips on driving, secret shops, important events and sometimes hidden events.


She drives a metallic green Nissan 350Z with an unique werewolf vinyl. It can be seen in the main menu if the player doesn't have a profile loaded or hasn't started Career mode yet.

Her Nissan 350Z is fitted with a "Mantis" bodykit, a "Twister" carbon-fibre hood, a set of Racing Hart CP-FTUNE R rims, an "Ace" exhaust and a Lex 42 spoiler.


  • Rachel Teller is played by Brooke Burke.
  • A bug can cause an angry SMS message from Rachel to appear later in the game if the player returns her car to her immediately.
  • Rachel's 350Z can also be constructed via the customization menu.
  • A vague copy of Rachel's car appears in Need for Speed: World as the "Underground 2" variant of the Nissan 350Z. It doesn't feature the same vinyls or any of the same parts, aside from the colour and spoiler.
  • An 'Underground 2 Edition' Nissan 370Z appears in Need for Speed: The Run as a Tier 4 car in the 'Underground' Challenge Series with the same vinyls as Rachel's 350Z.
  • Rachel is listed as an acquaintance to Rose Largo in Need for Speed: Undercover.

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