Redrock Ridge is a course featured in Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit. It is available from the beginning in both the PC and PlayStation releases.

It also appears in the PC release of Need for Speed: High Stakes, being set in the United States and unlocked by competing in the Memory Lane Tour, Circuit #1.

The course is set within the North American desert with varied elevation changes and twisting roads. Notable landmarks such as a motel, a gas station and an observatory can be spotted nearby the beginning of the track.

The police vehicles patroling the course in the Hot Pursuit mode are the Chevrolet Caprice, the Land Rover Discovery in the PlayStation release or the Eagle Talon in the PC release. In Need for Speed: High Stakes, the Eagle Talon is joined by the Lamborghini Diablo SV.

The musical pieces "Snorkeling Cactus Weasels" by Matt Ragan and "Cetus 808" by Rom Di Prisco are played when participating in an event along the course.