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Rockingham Point

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Rockinghampoint (2)

Rockingham Point scenery.

Rockingham Point is a region in the northwest corner of Seacrest County in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010).


Rockingham Road is joined to Fairview Road at the north and to Lakeside Avenue at the south via a bridge. Due to its seaside location in Seacrest County, it tends to be wet often and even precipitate.

However, it doesn't affect performance at all (weather is merely for effect). Rockingham Point consists of hilly areas, an oil rig and its oil storage facility, a rescue station and tunnels. It is mostly cloudy in Rockingham Point.



  • Experience more (Time trial)
  • Hotting up (Hot Pursuit)
  • King of the road (Duel)
  • Blast from the past (Gauntlet)


  • Eye in the sky (Interceptor)
  • French connection (Preview)
  • Snake pit (Hot pursuit)
  • Arms race (Hot pursuit)
  • Fight or flight (Hot pursuit)


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