Route 55 is a two-lane motorway set in Camden Beach running from the south to the north of the borough. It appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: World.

Route 55 connects all districts of Camden Beach, as well as Downtown Rosewood together.


The route begins within a T-junction in Masterson Naval Shipyard, which leads to Ocean Hills through the Camden Tunnel and to East Rockport.

The following junction is located next to a bridge and connects the highway to Rosewood and Ocean Hills through Bayshore Boulevard. After a short distance, players will encounter another junction featuring a drive-in theatre shortcut, a scrapyard and construction site. Within this location, the highway is connected to Camden Interchange of Highway 99 and Chase Road, which leads to the Camden Penitentiary.

Within the north, the route uses two junctions, with one going to North Bay, and the other to Dunwich Village and The Horn. After passing a tunnel with multiple alternative routes and crossing a bridge, the highway splits into two roads in Dunwich Village.


  • Route 55 features a total of two tollbooths, which do not appear in Need for Speed: World.
  • A road with the same name appears in Need for Speed: Carbon.