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Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper is the fictional character and protagonist of Need for Speed: ProStreet, where he competes with other racers in order to become the ultimate racing king.

Relatively little is known about Ryan, except that he was a former street racer who enters a challenge day in a legally sanctioned race and wins it with a Nissan 240SX. Ryan is then mocked by Ryo Watanabe, the "Showdown King". He is never seen without a helmet and his voice is never heard. Ryan seems to be approximately 28-30 years old in age, which could possibly state that Ryan was a street racer during his teenage times.


  • Ryan Cooper is one of the first protagonists of the NFS series to have a known name followed by Jack Rourke in Need for Speed: The Run, whereas the other protagonists' names are unknown.
  • In Need for Speed: Undercover, if you sit idle for a while you can hear police officers start to broadcast over the radio that one officer has arrested a man who is unwilling to cooperate saying that his surname is Cooper, his first name being Ryan.


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