Showdown is the thirty-fourth and final Job mission in Need for Speed: Undercover. Jack M. Keller is the player's contact for this mission.

The entirety of the Tri-City Bay Police Department is after the player after they were seen at the scene of Chau Wu's murder. The only way for them to clear their name is to apprehend Chase Linh before she leaves the city.

The job begins with the player in pursuit of Chase Linh along Gusa Road at 7:57 a.m. She is still driving the BMW M6 she stole from Chau Wu but the TCBPD are also still chasing the player. The player has to both evade the police and take out Chase Linh.

Keller will contact the player to inform them that he's called off the pursuit off and tells them that this is their only chance to catch Chase.

Chase Linh taunts them from their M6 saying that "they're a small time cop and they'll go down like a small time cop."

Chase is eventually caught and arrested but she yells that this isn't over and she'll be back soon. Keller arrives at the scene in an Audi RS4. He opens the briefcase that was in Chau Wu's M6 and discovers that a PDA was in it. He also informs the player that Carmen Mendez has told him everything she knew about Chau Wu; that stealing the M6 was Zack's mistake and Hector's rule meaning that the player will be cleared.

He then congratulates the player for completing the assignment as well as adding that it was way above expectations and says that he knows what it's like to go deep undercover - as it's too easy to suddenly become corrupt.

The story concludes with the player meeting up with Carmen and she is happy to see that they're alright. She asks the player if they could take her to the university as she has enrolled onto a medical course there and that she would be better suited being a doctor rather than a mechanic.


  • The stolen BMW M6 is blue in the live action cutscene, however, in the game the car is gray with a red stripe.
  • The player given BMW M6 pinkslip in the Meet Carmen job is the car Chase Linh uses. The player can pursue Chase Linh using her own car, with the same driver model as well.

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