Milestone Criteria Rewards
Pass the Keys Buy first car 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Give A Spray Repaint a car 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Grand Opening Buy a GT car 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Heavy Pedal Buy an SUV car 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
All Torque Buy a Muscle car 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Fresh Sport Buy a Sports car 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Retirement Plan Buy an Exotic car 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Start It Up Buy an Sedan car 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Garage Filler Collect 5 cars 5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Revhead Collect 10 cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Collector Collect 20 cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Car Enthusiast Collect 30 cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Auto Addict Collect 39 cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Dream Collection Collect 55 cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Eurocentrist Collect all European cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Japanophile Collect all Japanese cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
All-American Collect all American cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
On Tour Collect all GT cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Big Trucks Collect all SUV cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Straight Lines Collect all Muscle cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Bats and Balls Collect all Sports cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
All Class Collect all Exotic cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Compactor Collect all Sedan cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Fair Ride Buy your first NFS Edition car ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Roadshow Collector Collect 7 NFS Edition cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Fully Set Collect 14 NFS Edition cars ?NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon

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