Milestone Criteria Rewards
Super Hero Drive above 200mph in Exotics for 2 miles +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Eat My Dust! Drive 100 miles off-road in SUVs +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
One Giant Leap Jump 5,000 yards in Everyday Cars +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Drifting Away Drift 25,000 yards in Sports Cars +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Miss You Much #1 Get a Car Near Miss Chain in a Race Car (50 times) +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Miss You Much #2 Get a Car Near Miss Chain in a Race Car (? times) +10,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Gotta Keep Moving Get 50 miles with Nitrous in Grand Tourers +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Pure Muscle #1 Get 50 Takedowns in Muscle Cars +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Pure Muscle #2 Get 100 Takedowns in Muscle Cars +10,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Giant Killer Takedown 25 SUVs with Race Cars +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Size Matters Win 20 Races in SUVs +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Some Like It Rough Drive 100 miles off-road in Exotics +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Muscle Control Drift 25,000 yards in Muscle Cars +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
I Believe I Can Fly Get 150 seconds Air Time in Grand Tourers +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
In Speed We Trust Takedown 40 British cars with American cars +5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Best Of British Takedown 40 American cars with British cars '+5,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon

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