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Stage 6
Nfs the run the plains
Start Finish
Commerce City County Road 25
85th 67th
18 Rivals
Stage 6 is the sixth chapter of The Run mode. It does not feature the police and takes place in a wintry environment, but in the rural area of Dakota. The countryside is notable for its farmlands and narrow roads. Stage 6 also features a special rival known as Calvin Garret, who drives a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

Commerce City (Denver, CO)Edit

Commerce City is a 5,6 miles race event with six rivals and five checkpoints for reset use (4.8, 3.6, 2.4, 1.5, 0.7). It is the only event of Stage 6, where it snows and taking place in an industrial area. Like most initial Stage race events, a gas station is located in the immediate proximity to the start of the race.

Before getting to the gas station, a small shortcut can be used after driviong the first 300 miles. A long shortcut can be used at 4.7 miles, which can substantially improve the player's lap time. There's also a somewhat difficult turn for muscle cars before the end of the race.

Hwy 20 (Rushville, NE)Edit

Highway 20 is a battle race in the countryside of Nebraska spanning 5 miles and including 3 race rivals. Two checkpoints at 2.8 and 1.5 miles are featured. A gas station can be found at 3 miles. The first rival is a Ford GT, the second one being a Mercedes SLS AMG and the third one being a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni. A difficult 90° turn appears at 1.4 miles.

South Dakota 44 (Badlands National Park, SD)Edit

This race with eight opponents encompasses 6 miles of road and three checkpoints (4.7, 3.5, 2.0 miles). From 4.5 miles and further, Jack will run across a series of tricky turns, where dodging traffic can be difficult. A long and bumpy shortcut can be used at 2.8 miles. The second shortcut appears at 1.6 miles, which contains a dangerous 90 degrees turn.

South Dakota 240 (Badlands National Park, SD)Edit

South Dakota 240 is a checkpoint race with five checkpoint marks (4.4, 3.3, 2.4, 1.6) around the 5,9 miles long race track. At 4.1 miles, after the long distance straight line, the player can come off the road when braking was applied too late. Another tricky turn appears at 2.0 miles. Throughout the whole event, the player may have a hard time avoiding traffic and staying on road in some corners.

County Rd 25 (Lismore, MN)Edit

Calvin Garret makes his first appearance in the game in County Rd 25 as Jack's rival. County Rd 25 features a gas station at the area of the start of the race. At 4 miles a long shortcut, which forks in two ways, appears. A somewhat tricky turn can be avoided at 2.8 miles by driving on the nearby shortcut. Garret can be very competitive in hard difficulty, since the road is very narrow and oncoming traffic can be hardly spotted due to uphill roads.

Available VehiclesEdit

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