The Summit is a course featured in Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit. It is available from the beginning in the PC release but it is unlocked after competing in the beginner or expert tournament in the PlayStation release.

It also appears in the PC release of Need for Speed: High Stakes being set in Canada and being unlocked by competing in the Memory Lane Tour, Circuit #4.

The course is set as a snowy variation of Rocky Pass, with routes through the narrow cliffside turns, winded ski twists and a small section throughout the village.

The police vehicles patroling the course in the Hot Pursuit mode are the Ford Crown Victoria, the Lamborghini LM002 in the PlayStation release or the Land Rover Discovery in the PC release. In Need for Speed: High Stakes, the Land Rover Discovery is joined by the Porsche 911 Turbo.

The musical pieces "Snow Bags" by Matt Ragan and "Knossos" by Saki Kaskas are played when participating in an event along the course.

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