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TJ is a storyline character featured in Need for Speed: Underground.

TJ is introduced to the player during event 7 "TJ's Time Trial" in Underground Mode. He offers the player unique performance upgrades that can be stacked with any regular upgrade for beating his time trial events.

After the player has raced against Samantha in event 78 "Friends Are Easy To Make, And Easier To Lose", TJ will be given her Honda Civic Si. In the event 110 "Good Samaritan", TJ will race against the player and must return it after losing against them.


Junkman civic nfsu1
TJ drives Samantha's Honda Civic, albeit with a different design theme showing a dying Hello Kitty and "Junkman" along it. Players can unlock his car after collecting 2,250,000 style points for Quick Race play.


  • "I gave them the edge, and they blew it. You think you're better? Prove it, and maybe, I'll help you out. '"
  • "Win and I'll give you an engine upgrade. Make me look bad by losing, I'm going to smack you upside the head."
  • "You really think you're special, huh? Well go out there and prove it."
  • "Look, kid, you show me, you deserve it, and I've got upgrades for you, but once you install them, keep in mind, who's making you win."
  • "Well! I didn't think I'd have to actually give you a part! So take one and get out!"

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