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Tokyo Circuit
Track Tokyo Circuit
Track type Race
Location Japan
Length 1.76 miles
Corners to master 8
Sector 1 1–3
Sector 2 4–5
Sector 3 6–8

Tokyo Circuit is a 1.76-mile race track based in Japan. It is one of the 37 race tracks in Need for Speed: Shift, and has another track configuration, Tokyo Club.

The track features in several Tier 1, Tier 3, and Tier 4 events, and in an Invitational Event. There are 3 Minor Badges involved with this track.



Main article: Events

Need for Speed: Shift

Shift 2: Unleashed

  • The Eliminator I: The Eliminator I - Event 3 of 3
  • Retro: Japanese Retro League - Event 2 of 2 - Stage 2 of 3
    • Suzuka Circuit East Course (4 laps), Tokyo Circuit (3 laps), Autopolis International Racing Course Lakeside (4 laps)
  • Modern B: 4Nations Speed Tour - Event 3 of 4 - Stage 1 of 2
    • Tokyo Westbound Expressway (3 laps), Suzuka Circuit West Course (2 laps)
  • Time Attack: Time Attack Single Exhibition - Event 3 of 3
  • FIA GT3: Cities of the World Tour - Stage 3 of 5
    • Riviera Monte Grande (3 laps), London Royal Mile (4 laps), Tokyo Westbound Expressway (5 laps), Miami Biscayne Boulevard (4 laps), Shanghai Yan'an Road Circuit (5 laps)
  • Works: Cities of the World Tour - Stage 2 of 5
    • Miami Bicentennial Park Route (5 laps), Tokyo Westbound Expressway (6 laps), Shanghai Nanjing Road Dash (5 laps), Riviera Casino Riviera (4 laps), London Embankment Loop (3 laps)
  • FIA GT1: Cities of the World Starlight Tour - Stage 3 of 5
    • London Whitehall Drive (3 laps), Miami Bayside Run (3 laps), Tokyo Circuit (5 laps), Shanghai Bund GP (3 laps), Riviera Monte Grande (3 laps)

Invitational Events

Main article: Invitational Events


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