Tournaments are a series of more than two races. This race mode was first introduced by The Need for Speed already and later made frequent appearances in newer Need for Speed titles.


Numerous tournaments have been present in the NFS series. Circuit tournaments are the most common type, although Sprint, Drift and Drag tournaments also made appearances.

The player has to earn the most points in a tournament overall to win. Points can be gained after finishing a race in first, second, third place and so on. The higher the position, the more points will be assigned. If the player has to restart a race, they won't have to restart the whole tournament again. Instead, they can relaunch the race in which they were driving. However, there is an option to restart a tournament though.

In the first six Need for Speed games, the player will be placed first in the starting grid position if they have previously won a race. Racers will be sorted in the start position or other depending on the amount of points they have received.

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