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Tuning Shops are locations that allow players to modify their vehicles with additional items for the exchange of in-game currency.


Need for Speed: Underground 2

  • There are three types of tuning shops that players can access: Body shops, performance part shops and Paint shops.
  • Each district includes each kind of shop.
  • Body shops are marked with green lights.
  • Performance parts shops are marked with blue lights.
  • Paint shops are marked with red lights.
  • Each shop is marked on the map with a dot of their corresponding colour.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

  • Most Wanted features a single shop which combines all three types seen in Underground 2 and allows players to make modifications to their vehicles.
  • Players can obtain special coupons from Blacklist Reward Cards that unlock special Junkman performance parts.
  • Tuning shops are indicated as a yellow house symbol on the GPS map.


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