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Sweden icon VolvoSmallMain
1927 - Present
Gothenburg, Sweden

Volvo is a Swedish bus, trucks and automobile manufacturer founded in 1927. In 1999, the Volvo car corporation was sold to Ford and since 2010 has been owned by Chinese car manufacturer Geely.

The name Volvo, translated from Latin in English means 'I roll', which is a reference to ball bearings.


Model EngineInfoboxIcon2015 BHPInfoboxIcon2015 TorqueInfoboxIcon2015 DrivetrainInfoboxIcon2015 AccelerationInfoboxIcon2015 MassInfoboxIcon2015 TopSpeedInfoboxIcon2015 TransmissionInfoboxIcon2015
242 DL 2.0L l4 138 bhp 110 lb·ft RWD 8.6 secs 0 kg
(0 lbs)
106 mph
(171 km/h)
850 RWD 0 kg
(0 lbs)
0 mph
(0 km/h)

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