Webster is one of the Blacklist racers in Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance releases of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

He takes fifth place on the Blacklist and he drives a Chevrolet Corvette C6. To challenge him, the player needs 21,600 respect points in the NDS release and 21,900 REP in the GBA release.


This guy is a racing encyclopaedia. He's always thinking about cars, driving techniques, racers and events. He eats, breathes and lives the street racer culture.
— Webster's Bio


Nintendo DS

  • Hillside (Circuit)
  • South Central (Lap Knockout)
  • City Power - Segment 2 (Point to Point)
  • West Village - Segment 1 (Barricade)
  • Exchange District (Time Trial)
  • Downtown Expressway - Segment 2 (Point to Point)
  • Challenge: Riverview (Lap Knockout)

GameBoy Advance

  • Hillside (Circuit)
  • Great Northern Way (Lap Knockout)
  • 5th Precint-1 (Point to Point)
  • City Power-1 (Barricade)
  • Great Northern Way (Time Trial Multi Lap)
  • South Central-1, Exchange District-2 (Point to Point KO)
  • Challenge: Riverview (Lap Knockout)