Willow Springs is a historic motor racing venue in Willow Springs, Illinois, USA. The location is featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Construction for the initial race course commenced in 1952 with the first race being held at the venue in 1953. Several other courses were built since the completion of the first course. The venue was declared as a Point of Historical Interest in 1996 by the State of California.



Several racedays are hosted by Racing Organisations in Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Group Icon Location Events NFSPSTickIcon NFSPSCrownIcon NFSPSStarIcon
NFSPSBattleMachineOrganisationLogo NFSPSRacedayIcon051 Willow Springs 4 11,400 22,800 28,640 Rudy Chen
NFSPSBattleMachineOrganisationLogo NFSPSRacedayIcon054 Willow Springs II 5 15,000 30,000 37,400 Rudy Chen
NFSPSSuperPromotionOrganisationLogo NFSPSRacedayIcon034 Willow Springs 6 18,900 37,800 47,430 Vinnie Gaul
NFSPSGEffectOrganisationLogo NFSPSRacedayIcon017 Willow Springs 6 20,700 41,400 51,650 Ray Krieger
NFSPSGEffectOrganisationLogo NFSPSRacedayIconRAY Grip King Challenge: Willow Springs II 3 24,520 Ray Krieger
NFSPSBattleMachineOrganisationLogo NFSPSRacedayIcon013 Challenge: Willow Springs 7 44,100 55,040 Karol Monroe

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