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Zephyr is the identity that the player takes the role of within the racer career of Need for Speed: Rivals.

Zephyr is prolific street racer within Redview County that is known for their internet videos and their direct actions against the authority of the Redview County Police Department.

Zephyr uses street racing to define their self under the belief that racers should have the freedom of Redview County. Their initial view of the RCPD is as their rival but the increased presence in force and propaganda pushes them to become the enemy of the street racing community.

The increased presence of the police Zephyr to step up their rebellion against the RCPD. This occurs in chapter 6 - Wolf's Clothing - through the usage of a decommissioned Koenigsegg Agera R patrol unit.

The popularity of their videos empowers other racers to post videos of their own and protest the presence of the RCPD. The popularity and attention gathered eventually culminates into a challenge against racers as well as cops to a race that would settle their rivalry.

At the end of the race however, Zephyr has a massive collision from a police road block and wrecks. As paramedics rush to their aid, Zephyr awakens. The engine can then be heard before the cutscene ends.